Find your voice. 
Disrupt your industry.


In the digital age, each day comes with a new product or service. Each day brings additional marketing noise.

ACT is a pioneering digital media consultancy that helps innovative businesses create a recognizable voice in the market, surpass the competition and lead their industry.


Ideation, strategic thinking and SOCIAL MEDIA.

Our mission is to help brands grow organically through curated content and social community management. We form strategic partnerships to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and accelerate ROI and brand visibility.



On your way to your digital transformation

To help your business truly stand out in the digital era, our team brings together their unique skill sets into truly useful services that will establish the cornerstone of your business for the foreseeable future.


PlanNING & Content

Set up a conversation plan for the event. Curate video, photos and other content to support the conversation. 



Build an experience that makes it easy for the audience to join the conversation and share.


Publish & Promote

Target and amplify social posts including an incentive to win for joining the conversation.


Strategic Partnerships

We help you build bridges with our extensive network of decision-makers at industry-leading companies and innovators to create growth synergies.


“Business has only two functions - marketing and  innovation.”

— Milan Kundera


Our Clients

Louis Bennett
Michael Martinez
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Judith Bennett